E-Touch a Life website
Date : 15 October, 2022
Website Type : Non Profit
Customer : Peter K. Kairu
Locations : Elburgon, Nakuru, Kenya

Case Study: E-Touch a Life Website Development


The E-Touch a Life project involved the development of a compassionate and impactful website for Peter Kairu, aimed at facilitating donations for the elderly and vulnerable members of society. The goal was to create a user-friendly platform that effectively communicated the organization’s mission, encouraged people to contribute, and fostered a sense of community and support.

Development Process:

The project commenced in October 2022, and I had the privilege of designing and developing the E-Touch a Life website. Here are the key steps involved in the development process:

  1. Requirement Gathering and Planning:
    • Engaged in detailed discussions with Peter Kairu to understand the vision, goals, and target audience for the website.
    • Collaborated on defining the website’s structure, content, and functionalities to create a compelling platform for donors and beneficiaries.
  2. Design and Development:
    • Utilized the versatility and user-friendliness of WordPress to develop a visually appealing and responsive website.
    • Customized a WordPress theme to reflect the organization’s compassionate ethos, incorporating warm colors, impactful imagery, and intuitive navigation.
    • Designed an engaging homepage highlighting the organization’s mission, success stories, and donation options to inspire visitors to take action.
  3. Donation Management:
    • Implemented a secure and user-friendly donation system, enabling individuals to contribute funds easily and securely.
    • Integrated popular payment gateways to provide multiple donation options and ensure a seamless transaction process.
    • Created a donor management system, allowing Peter Kairu to track donations, send acknowledgments, and maintain donor records.
  4. Impact Showcase:
    • Developed a dedicated section to showcase the organization’s impact, featuring success stories, testimonials, and photographs of beneficiaries.
    • Incorporated engaging multimedia elements, such as videos and photo galleries, to vividly portray the positive change made possible through donations.
  5. Volunteer and Support Engagement:
    • Created a volunteer registration system, allowing individuals to express their interest in supporting the organization’s cause.
    • Implemented contact forms and provided clear channels for inquiries, feedback, and collaboration opportunities.
    • Integrated social media sharing buttons, empowering visitors to share the organization’s mission with their networks and expand its reach.


The E-Touch a Life website was successfully developed and launched, providing Peter Kairu with a powerful platform to mobilize donations and support for the elderly and vulnerable individuals. The visually appealing design, user-friendly interface, and seamless donation process contributed to a positive user experience, encouraging visitors to contribute and engage further. The integration of impact showcases and success stories effectively communicated the organization’s mission, fostering trust and inspiring individuals to make a difference.


The completion of the E-Touch a Life website exemplified our commitment to leveraging technology for social impact. By utilizing WordPress, we created an engaging and accessible platform that enables Peter Kairu to facilitate meaningful change in the lives of the elderly and vulnerable members of society. The website serves as a crucial tool for raising awareness, collecting donations, and engaging volunteers, empowering Peter Kairu to make a significant and positive impact on the community. We take pride in our contribution to the E-Touch a Life initiative and the opportunity to support Peter Kairu in his noble mission of touching lives and spreading compassion.

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